Brooke Nilsen has been a part of FUMNS for 20 years. She began as a parent, served as Co-President of the Parent Association, and most recently was Head Teacher of the MWF 3’s while serving as Assistant Director for the past 18 years. Before joining FUMNS, Brooke worked as a Head Teacher at the Holmes School in Darien. Prior to that, she held the position of Teacher and Education Coordinator for the Head Start program in Stamford. She is a strong supporter of Early Childhood Education and play based learning. Brooke maintains a daily presence with the children and creates our FUMNS community together. Brooke holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and Directors Credential.

Director Brooke Nilsen

Treasurer:  Carolyn Conte –

Threes Head Teachers:   Jennifer Calle & Suzanne Rice (not pictured)

Threes Assistant Teachers:    Rosario Pena, Maren Tripolitsiotis (not pictured), Ivana Kokouros (not pictured), & Melissa Martensen (not pictured)

Pre-K Head Teachers:   Debby Michelotti & Kuldip Samra

Pre-K Assistant Teachers:  Kathleen Emerick, Ana Purpero, Carla Carey, Maureen Hogan (not pictured)

K – Head Teacher:   Marybeth Pascarella

K- Assistant Teacher  Jamie Daley