Our Curriculum Overview


 The FUMNS curriculum begins with understanding the individual child.  

  • We prioritize teacher/child interactions and parent/teacher partnerships. This helps the teacher implement curriculum to address each child’s developmental needs and learning style.


We build upon the framework of the Connecticut Early Leaning and Development Standards (CT ELDS).

  • ​CT ELDS outlines skills and behaviors necessary to development and readiness. These standards are imbedded in daily activities and address all areas of development.​​​


Our curriculum demonstrates an understanding of child development and developmentally appropriate practice.

  • We present curriculum in a play-based environment where children have ample opportunity to explore, question, investigate, and manipulate objects and materials.
  • We emphasize social/emotional development to provides the foundational skills necessary for a child to participate effectively in the classroom.
  •  We plan experiences in all areas of development to grow the "whole child" recognizing that all areas of development are interrelated.
  • We provide modifications and accommodations to support inclusion that recognizes every child as a unique learner and capable of reaching individual developmental milestones at their own pace and in their own style.


We encourage each child to go beyond acquiring skills to develop the essential dispositions to become competent learners. Competent learners are creative, inquisitive, flexible, critical thinkers, purposeful and reflective, and social learners. We encourage these essential dispositions when our curriculum:

  • Incorporates children's interests and questions alongside teacher directed learning experiences.
  • Uses interesting material and open ended activities with many possibilities.
  • Asks children to observe and document their observations.
  • Encourages children to express themselves in a variety of ways.


We provide daily opportunities to listen, ask, share and collaborate with peers.




For information on Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards, visit http://www.ct.gov.oec.elds