Enrichment classes for Kindergarten

Enrichment classes are offered during the school year by our staff.  Each session offers a special focus & extends your child's day.

Time:  2:30 – 3:30
Cost:   6 Week Session - $90
Cost:   Holiday Session - $60
Sign-up:  HERE



    • Enrollment requires payment for full session.
    • No adjustment/refund for partial attendance, late sign-up, absences, illness, etc.
    • Accounts will be credited for school cancellations ONLY



HERE as well as being posted in the Pre-K & K Hallway


​Mrs. Calle

Fun Fitness is a program that is created and taught by Jennifer Calle, a certified personal trainer and soccer coach. It is a fun filled session of age appropriate exercises and games. 

Children build coordination skills, strength and confidence, while having fun with their nursery school friends.

Hop like a frog, waddle like a duck, or run like a cheetah. Each class will include games for practicing physical skills such as balancing on one leg, jumping over hurdles, kicking soccer balls into a goal, playing relay games, walking the plank, stretching and much more.

We will cheer for each other and use good sportsmanship while exploring the fun of exercise. There will be planned opportunities for learning about locating our hearts to see if it is beating fast or slow while working our large and small muscle groups with fun movement.


Mrs. Michelotti

Each week we will be cooking our own lunch based on a story. The step-by-step nature of following a recipe helps build your child’s comprehension and reasoning skills.

Our cooking activities will help build your child’s knowledge and skills in math, science, reading and communication all while fostering a love for cooking.

Session: 1, 2, 3 & 4 – Students do not need to bring a lunch, they will make their lunch

Holiday Session & Session 4 – Students will need to bring their lunch; they will be baking




Mrs. Calle

Building Club is a fun filled enrichment class created and taught by Jennifer Calle and Megan Janik (assistant).  We will be sharing, exploring and discussing our buildings with each other at the end of each class. Beyond the fun factor, there are many benefits for children to build.  Children build fine motor skills, allows creativity, it builds imagination and introduces 3 dimensional objects.